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. there are so many agencies on scene right now that if he chose an agency, say for example, the u.s. marshal service or the fbi and said he would lay down his guns and come out and turn himself over to them for his own safety, that would be arranged. but al, there's been well over 500 shots fired already. he's going to have to quit pulling the trigger and start talking if he wants his story to actually get out. otherwise not only does he die in vain, but all the people that he's alleged to have killed have simply died at the hands of a madman instead of someone who's trying to make in his mind a legitimate point. >> well, let me ask you to hold right there, clint. joining me now is nbc's john yang who is live in los angeles. john? >> rev, what we can tell you now is they still have christopher dorner, the san bernardino sheriff's office says they have him pinned down in a cabin in the san bernardino mountains near big bear lake. this happened around 3:20 east coast time today when the sheriff's department responded to a call of a home invasion at a cabin. they got there and we were told that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)